What Other London Stadiums Should I Visit?

Almost every time I visit London during football season, I go to other matches outside of just Arsenal. This almost always means visiting clubs from lower tier leagues, and I could not recommend this more. Some of the best atmospheres, bar scenes, and grounds are in the Championship, League One, and League Two, and franklyContinue reading “What Other London Stadiums Should I Visit?”

What Should I Expect On Match Day?

When the day of the match you’re attending arrives, there are a number of things to look forward to before, during, and after the match. Many of these have been covered in other articles on this site, but this article is designed to take you through the experience chronologically. On match day, North London trulyContinue reading “What Should I Expect On Match Day?”

What Arsenal-Related Places Should I Visit in London?

In addition to going to Emirates Stadium and the nearby pubs on match day, there are a number of other Arsenal landmarks worth visiting in London. Some of these are in North London, and some of them are in southeast London where the club was originally founded before relocating north. The most notable landmark isContinue reading “What Arsenal-Related Places Should I Visit in London?”

How Do Away Matches Work?

I’ve touched on this in several other posts, but away matches, and the relationship between home and away supporters, are one of the things that makes English football the most different from American sports and can be one of the most confusing things for first time travelers. To borrow from the Should I Be ConcernedContinue reading “How Do Away Matches Work?”

Should I Be Concerned About Safety?

Safety is something that many first time travelers to English football worry about. You hear stories and read about hooligans, and brawls at matches, and supporters being jumped on the tube, and things of that nature. From my experience, it is absolutely something to be concerned about, but is not a problem as long asContinue reading “Should I Be Concerned About Safety?”

Where Should I Sit in Emirates Stadium?

When buying tickets and picking your seats, there are a few things to consider: the view, the atmosphere, and price. While the Emirates is one of the more American-style stadiums in England (this is the modern trend, as seen with the Man City’s Etihad, Sp*rs’ new monstrosity that replaced Shite Hart Lane, and others), theContinue reading “Where Should I Sit in Emirates Stadium?”

What Are The Best Pre-Match Pubs?

An essential part of any match day experience is having a pint or two (or six) before and after the match. In the area around Emirates, there are several pubs all within walking distance of each other (and the stadium) that form the backbone of the Arsenal drinking experience. The Tollington Arms115 Hornsey Road, Islington,Continue reading “What Are The Best Pre-Match Pubs?”